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1963, January 16

(above) photo taken January 16, at Granada TV, earlier in the day

When the Fab Four returned from Germany on January 1, 1963, it was the end of an era. Hamburg had been a place where the Beatles could let it all hang out, feeding on the excess and insanity (the long sets, the wacky stage antics, the uppers, the drink, the women) without it becoming a world-shaking event. Through the years, all of the Beatles have agreed with this assessment. George put it wistfully, “I’d have to say with hindsight that Hamburg bordered on the best of the Beatles times.”

Back in England, the boys returned to the road, stuffing their schedule with as many gigs as possible. Detrimentally, it was one of the coldest winters on record in the area, and several concerts were canceled. However , following the January 11 release of “Please Please Me”/ “Ask Me Why,” our Beatles were not to be deterred from recording key appearances on ABC’s Thank Your Lucky Stars (taped January 13, 1963; aired January 19), and on BBC Radio’s Here We Go, this installment’s focus.

On January 16, between 8:45-9:30pm, The Beatles performed in front of a zealous audience (again, at the Playhouse Theatre, Manchester), playing four songs (“Three Cool Cats” was cut from the show, and is currently undiscovered). This show was broadcast on January 25 at 5pm.

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“CHAINS” (Goffin/King) – fragment


AUDIO SOURCE: Purple Chick's The Complete BBC Sessions - Upgraded for 2004, Disc 1 provides the cleanest, most complete, and speed-checked experience. You can also listen to the tracks: here.

You can find a comprehensive history of The Beatles at the Beeb bootleg releases: here.

VIDEO: None.


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