Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1962, October 27

(above) The Beatles with interview Monty Lister

In an interview given this date (just before they were to go onstage at Hulme Hall, Birkenhead), the boys were still at the precipice of immortality, and quite unaware of it, as their honest repartee with interviewers Monty Lister, Malcolm Threadgill, and Peter Smethurst clarifies. There is quite a bit good information given as responses to questions, and the early date (not to mention the lads’ decidedly sincere manners) is good cause to believe their statements as fact rather than deliberate myth. The interview was broadcast only over closed-circuit radio broadcast (a show called Sunday Spin) for two hospitals at Cleaver and Clatterbridge, another interesting facet. As the approximately-7m interview comes to a close, John plugs the song that will be aired over hospital speakers (“Love Me Do”) by announcing the catalog number (“Parlophone R4949”), after which Ringo chimes in, “Buy it, folks.”

(ref: Winn, Way Beyond Compare)


AUDIO SOURCE: First available as a flexi-disc extra included with Lewisohn’s book, The Beatles Live!, it has since been widely available on bootleg, most recently on Purple Chick’s Strong Before Our Birth.

You can hear the interview: here. A transcript is: here.

VIDEO: None.


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