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1962, March 7

(above) Playhouse Theatre, Manchester

To get The Beatles on the air, Brian Epstein filed for a BBC Radio application on January 10, 1962. Their test occurred on February 12, and the band "passed" (although Paul received an unfavorable vocal rating). On February 20, they booked for the pop show Teenager's Turn - Here We Go, and taped at 8pm on March 7, wearing their new stage suits for an enthusiastic studio audience in the Playhouse Theatre, Manchester. Host Ray Peters introduced them, ending with the words "It's the Beatles!" It was the beginning of a long relationship between the group and BBC radio. This show was broadcast the next day at 5pm.

(ref: Winn, Way Beyond Compare)



"DREAM BABY (How Long Must I Dream?)" (Orbison) (w. 7-second intro)
"MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE" (Berry) (w. 6-second intro)
"PLEASE MR. POSTMAN" (Marvelettes) (w. 11-second intro and 7-second outro)


AUDIO: Purple Chick's The Complete BBC Sessions - Upgraded for 2004, Disc 1 provides the cleanest, most complete, and speed-checked tracks. The bases for these tracks were "unbooted upgrades." Note that the FLAC version of the disc makes each intro to each song a separate track (6 tracks for 3 songs), while the mp3 version attaches each intro to its corresponding song (3 tracks for 3 songs).

Great Dane's release runs too slow. You can find a comprehensive history of The Beatles' BBC bootleg releases: here.

VIDEO: None.

TOURISM: The Playhouse Theatre, St. Johns Road, Manchester, closed in 1986, and is now called the Nia Center. There is a neat little website concerning The Beatles in Manchester, with a page on this particular date: here. A webpage with interior photos taken in 1985 is: here. More than you ever wanted to know about the recording facilities of this venue: here. Wikipedia: here.


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