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1957, July 6

John's band, The Quarrymen (Eric Griffiths, Pete Shotton, Colin Hanton, Rod Davis, Len Garry), played the church fete at St. Peter's Church Hall, Woolton, Liverpool. Bob Molyneux, a local amateur recording enthusiast, preserved portions of the show with his Grundig TK8 reel-to-reel machine. Afterwards, he copied portions onto a 3-inch reel, then erased the original tape.

Discovered after decades of storage, EMI acquired the tape and original Grundig recorder at a 1994 auction, for £78,500. At first, only a 27-second excerpt of the song "Puttin' on the Style" (composed by Norman Cazden, made famous by Lonnie Donegan) was permitted to be heard, on a sample tape given to the media, which found its way onto the bootleg CD Puttin' on the Style. In 2007, a further 29 seconds of this song were broadcast on the BBC documentary The Day John Met Paul, while another 44 seconds mysteriously appeared online. A short clip (28 seconds) of "Baby Let's Play House" (composed by Arthur Gunter, made famous by Elvis Presley) also played on The Day John Met Paul.

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AUDIO: The best quality available for "Baby, Let's Play House," and a composite of all three snips of "Puttin' on the Style," are on Purple Chick's bootleg, Strong Before Our Birth, Disc One. Detailed information on the boot: here.

VIDEO: A nice fan video of the "Puttin' on the Style" composite is on YouTube: here.

MORE AUDIO: You can listen to the
BBC documentary, The Day John Met Paul: here.

DRAMATIZATION: The 2009 film Nowhere Boy is essential viewing.


PHOTOS & INFORMATION: An excellent display: here, and its companion page: here.

BOOKS: You need to read Jim O'Donnell's The Day John Met Paul: An Hour-by-Hour Account of How the Beatles Began. Order:

FANBOY: View a painting of the historic moment that Paul was introduced to John:

TOURISM: Visit St. Peter's Church, Woolton:
here. Read their Beatles page: here.

RELATIVES: Keep up with The Quarrymen, still going strong: here.


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