Thursday, February 23, 2012

Update: Febrary 23, 2012

This is an update on the book I am writing, which is a spin-off from the website, but with even more detail and with errors corrected. It is a book on Beatles music which no one has ever before published and which no one will ever again attempt. It is a labor of love and will be a gigantic compendium of both historical and technical knowledge that will boggle the mind (not hype, just absolutely true).



Well, it's been a long cold lonely winter, and I've had little time to work on the book. Life does indeed happen. But now I'm back and will be working diligently as possible to completion. I'm thinking late 2012, early 2013.

I appreciate all of the wonderful feedback I've received in the previous interval, and the encouragement to keep it going. Thank you!


If you would like to see sample pages, please leave a comment here or write me at

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update: November 1, 2011

This is an update on the book I am writing, which is a spin-off from the website, but with even more detail and with errors corrected. It is a book on Beatles music which no one has ever before published and which no one will ever again attempt. It is a labor of love and will be a gigantic compendium of both historical and technical knowledge that will boggle the mind (not hype, just absolutely true).



This book will either be delivered electronically or, if someone is willing to pay the cost of several thousand pages, in print. The only hangup in this respect is that I fear an electronic delivery will end in unauthorized redistribution. My intent, after all, is to make some decent impact as an author, the profits from this work allowing me to work unimpeded on the next, which just happens to be a biographical aspect of The Beatles which also I have not found already published.

Therefore, I look forward to your suggestions regarding delivery. Here so far are the best ideas:

(1) Printed Matter #1. To avoid piracy, this is the best option. The downside is the cost to you, the fan and consumer. Two thousand (guesstimate) COLOR (necessary) pages at a lowest price of 5 cents per copy equals $100 for pages only, no binding. These pages would then need to be bound in some manner, either spiral or 3-ring.

(2) Printed Matter #2. To publish a standard book of this size would likely require several volumes. This would be a more costly venture. John Winn was able to minimize cost impact by breaking up his work into several volumes, and this is feasible. I would actually love to work in this manner, on a "subscription" basis, wherein a customer pays for content as it's produced. Perhaps it can be established to release one segment at a time (by year, even though the finished product will be alphabetical, not chronological).

artist's rendition of eventual product :-)

(3) "Secure" pdf or other electronic format. Here, the cost of electronic delivery keeps the consumer price down to the $30-50 range which is not burdensome in these economic times. More customers. However, there is a grave piracy risk. I haven't yet looked into every electronic option, so I can't say with certainty that there is no ultra-secure delivery. I would actually prefer to offer electronic delivery since it enhances the search option.


Regarding completion rate, there have been some snags this month, so the overall progress is up to 17%, which is good movement but a little behind schedule. I'll have to work faster.


If you would like to see sample pages, please leave a comment here or write me at

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Update: October 2, 2011

Progress on the Book

Briefly, it's going very well. On a percentage basis, it's about 10% complete. However, things are moving swiftly due to the fact that layout and design is complete. At this rate, we're right on schedule.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Testimonials on the Book

Sample pages have been delivered and some good feedback has arrived! Permission received to reprint:

Everything looks great! Photos and charts are all clear and very readable. Can hardly wait for the book!

I'm near speechless, it's that good. Just read it twice and now want to print off the book, get a cup of coffee and flop on my sofa. I think you are onto a winner and you can put me down for a copy.
- Stu

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exciting Update

UPDATE: September 1, 2011



Thank You! The idea continues to gather interest. The number of hits to this website is increasing!



Structure. The decision has been made to construct the book as an alphabetical reference rather than a chronological account. This is keeping with the idea I originally had 10 years ago.

Content. Pages will follow a song's history. I don't mind telling you this because it's so labor-intensive I am probably the only one who will ever do this. As requested by several future customers, technical aspects are to be emphasized. Stereo Image, Technical Analysis, deep Variation ID, myth-busting, and sonic characteristics are some of the angles covered.

Page Construction. Beautiful.

Style. This has changed. Even without wordiness, the completeness of such a project requires lots of room. Expect color, logic, crisp photos, delightful tables.

Detailing. Believe it or not, footnotes play a pivotal role. Picayune elements of mixes and variants you won't find anywhere else will thrill you (or you're not a Beatles fan).

Sources and Guidelines. The "listening booth" is working out very well. Vinyl is delivered at a regular pace. CD and other digital product overflowing.

Publishing. Considering that a short "page" in this book is actually 8 Microsoft Word pages long, it's possible this project could run into thousands of Word pages. Therefore, digital "book" still seems like the best bet. Working on secure delivery, but this will take some doing. Your suggestions welcome here.

Sample Page. AVAILABLE NOW! Email me and I will send you several pages as an attachment reply. I know this is risky in today's world but I promise you no danger.

Updates. I'll be updating a bit more regularly now that summer is over and I'm in the groove. As to completion, I plan to be done by late Spring-early Summer 2012, just in time for doomsday ;-) (Tom Wise)


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Progress on the Book

UPDATE: Jun 30 2011



Thank You! It's been a terrific response to the book and the idea behind it.



Structure. After considering several idea, the form of the book is settled.

Outline. This came easy after the structure was chosen.

Content. Parameters are laid.

Page Construction. Still in flux. I thought I had the perfect layout, but it turned out to be unwieldy. A new layout is now being used, and seems to be very very good.

Style. I'm keeping it simple for a number of reasons: (1) space consideration, (2) advice from friends that in raw form it's a little too technical.

Detailing. Going extremely well. With simplified flow, entries are smooth. I think this will translate to a convenient and super-efficient reference guide.

Sources and Guidelines. This, of course, is the central part of the book. It's a massive undertaking but collation is going steady with the right organizational system.

Publishing. So far, digital seems like the best bet. Working on secure delivery, but this will take some doing. Your suggestions welcome here.

Sample Page. Coming soon! You'll be able to see what you're getting. I think you'll be excited.

Updates. Not scheduled but sure to be several over the summer. Stay tuned. (Tom Wise)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

COMING SOON: A Major Announcement


First. Thank you, dear readers of this blog, for visiting, reading, and enjoying.

Now. Don't worry. I am not giving up. I am not throwing in the towel. I am not surrendering. In fact, I am redoubling my efforts.

The Central Idea. It seems to me that the primary value of this blog has been to provide a reference database for a category that has been, as far as I can tell, totally neglected. This category is the recommendation of "Sources" for each Variation of every Beatles song.

The Future. I am determined to have this completed by May 2012. By then, every song in The Beatles' canon will have had its sources rated. Additionally, what I consider a high-quality Variations list (Mono, Stereo, Mock-Stereo, Film Mixes, and so on) will be produced. Furthermore, the foundational history for each song, including Foundational Variations and Recording Details, will be done.

One more thing: I will be streamlining the layout. Each page will be eminently more readable, and a Reference Section will handle the abbreviations, definitions, common text, and so on.

How This Will Work. In order to meet my goal, this blog will be neglected except for random posts (examples of the new layout) and special announcements keeping you abreast of the progress. When the project is complete, I will make the entire mountain available.

Shameless Plug.

Do you love to listen to The Beatles?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t??

But did you ever wonder which source sounds the best?

You know...

Does “Thank You Girl” in Mono sound better on the Vee-Jay 587 US 45 or on The Beatles Hits UK CD EP?

Does “I Saw Her Standing There” in Stereo sound better on the German Die Beatles album or on the 2009 Please Please Me re-master?

Much of the time, for any particular mix (for example, “I Saw Her Standing There” in Mono), there are 12 or so common analog and digital sources. Which is the best-sounding?

For that matter, what exactly do they sound like?


I am writing a book on this very subject. It brings to the general public a new concept in listening to The Beatles. A comprehensive listening guide to all of the common and some uncommon sources! Now you can know “how it sounds” before you even play it!

How does this benefit you? In several ways!

(1) Save time! Choose from your collection only those sources which rate best. No more listening to sub-par masters. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the 2009 Remasters are your best bet in every case. In fact, that’s true only half the time. Even then, there are comparable listening experiences.

(2) Save time! Don’t go looking for sources which have little value or appeal to you.

(3) Save money! Don’t buy records or CD's which were engineered badly.

(4) Broaden your horizons! The same mix can sound very different from source to source. One might be brimming with bass frequencies while another concentrates on the highs. The Stereo image or placement of sounds might differ. Sometimes there is extraneous noise in a mix (for example, edit points audible) but that noise is not missing in another source.

In short, the music comes alive in ways not previously known!

You’ve collected alternate mixes, pressings and labels. Now, it gets more interesting, as you collect the best-sounding version of each song!

Coming Up

As you can see, this is going to be a very thorough undertaking, including:

(1) A simplified history of the recording of each song. This will boil down the best of Lewisohn, Winn, and others. But this snapshot is not even the start of it.

(2) A breakdown of the Variations for each song, including Foundational Variations! Loads of information on masters and mixes. So important! This section will be much more thorough than Brennan, Sulpy, or Winn. Honestly, this is going to upend some preconceived notions and uncover some things not yet known. But we're just getting going!

(3) Ratings on sources for each Variation for each song! As far as I can determine, this has never been done before! Compare vinyl vs. CD vs. unauthorized recordings. All US and UK sources! With a smattering of Germany, Australia, and much more. And don't forget Dr. Ebbetts, pbthal, and other such friends!

(4) Details on the sound itself. We are going inside the grooves, sometimes inside the oscilloscope! “How will it sound?” Now you'll know!

(5) A simplified rating system, with a super layout. Easy-to-read. Sample coming soon!

The Punchline

It's not going to be free.

Look, I've loved The Beatles for close to 40 years, so this is a labor of that love. No one could do this without absolutely adoring the music. It takes a lot of time and care. I've reworked this project several times to get it just right. Now, I think I have the right collection of sources, the right frame of mind, the time, the best-organized format, and the highest peak of my passion for it. Not to be immodest, but I think it's going to be a work of art.

So, as a fair trade for the extraordinary amount of value to be provided, I will be charging $30 (US).

Most likely, I will publish through Lulu, and attempt to market through Amazon, as well as various Beatles websites. On the other hand, I may go with electronic delivery, which is probably better for everyone. Whichever the case may be, reserve your personal copy by emailing me:

When the project is complete (by May 2012), those on the "notify" list will be first in line (electronically or print).

Final Word. Suggestions welcome.