Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Update: November 1, 2011

This is an update on the book I am writing, which is a spin-off from the website, but with even more detail and with errors corrected. It is a book on Beatles music which no one has ever before published and which no one will ever again attempt. It is a labor of love and will be a gigantic compendium of both historical and technical knowledge that will boggle the mind (not hype, just absolutely true).



This book will either be delivered electronically or, if someone is willing to pay the cost of several thousand pages, in print. The only hangup in this respect is that I fear an electronic delivery will end in unauthorized redistribution. My intent, after all, is to make some decent impact as an author, the profits from this work allowing me to work unimpeded on the next, which just happens to be a biographical aspect of The Beatles which also I have not found already published.

Therefore, I look forward to your suggestions regarding delivery. Here so far are the best ideas:

(1) Printed Matter #1. To avoid piracy, this is the best option. The downside is the cost to you, the fan and consumer. Two thousand (guesstimate) COLOR (necessary) pages at a lowest price of 5 cents per copy equals $100 for pages only, no binding. These pages would then need to be bound in some manner, either spiral or 3-ring.

(2) Printed Matter #2. To publish a standard book of this size would likely require several volumes. This would be a more costly venture. John Winn was able to minimize cost impact by breaking up his work into several volumes, and this is feasible. I would actually love to work in this manner, on a "subscription" basis, wherein a customer pays for content as it's produced. Perhaps it can be established to release one segment at a time (by year, even though the finished product will be alphabetical, not chronological).

artist's rendition of eventual product :-)

(3) "Secure" pdf or other electronic format. Here, the cost of electronic delivery keeps the consumer price down to the $30-50 range which is not burdensome in these economic times. More customers. However, there is a grave piracy risk. I haven't yet looked into every electronic option, so I can't say with certainty that there is no ultra-secure delivery. I would actually prefer to offer electronic delivery since it enhances the search option.


Regarding completion rate, there have been some snags this month, so the overall progress is up to 17%, which is good movement but a little behind schedule. I'll have to work faster.


If you would like to see sample pages, please leave a comment here or write me at gengar843@msn.com.


  1. ..Hello Tom, a bit late to the game here as I've just come across your meisterwork while looking up info on DESS mixes, bootleg recordings, variations and such as it seems I've been listening to many old VINYL boot recordings I've had for years, but have sat untouched for many years. Great work you're up to here, obviously a sincere labor of love for you--I look forward to getting the completed version, in whatever format works out best in the long run, and some sample pages would certainly be appreciated if you can swing it. Keep up your wonderful efforts, I will certainly try to spread the word to the limited amount of folks I know who still care about these things re: the Fab Four! Best from Florida Al

    1. Hey Al:

      Sorry about the late reply. Please send email to gengar843@msn.com and I will forward sample pages.

  2. hi Tom, i too just found this blog and am simply amazed by the work you've put in to it, i would love to see some sample pages.


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