Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exciting Update

UPDATE: September 1, 2011



Thank You! The idea continues to gather interest. The number of hits to this website is increasing!



Structure. The decision has been made to construct the book as an alphabetical reference rather than a chronological account. This is keeping with the idea I originally had 10 years ago.

Content. Pages will follow a song's history. I don't mind telling you this because it's so labor-intensive I am probably the only one who will ever do this. As requested by several future customers, technical aspects are to be emphasized. Stereo Image, Technical Analysis, deep Variation ID, myth-busting, and sonic characteristics are some of the angles covered.

Page Construction. Beautiful.

Style. This has changed. Even without wordiness, the completeness of such a project requires lots of room. Expect color, logic, crisp photos, delightful tables.

Detailing. Believe it or not, footnotes play a pivotal role. Picayune elements of mixes and variants you won't find anywhere else will thrill you (or you're not a Beatles fan).

Sources and Guidelines. The "listening booth" is working out very well. Vinyl is delivered at a regular pace. CD and other digital product overflowing.

Publishing. Considering that a short "page" in this book is actually 8 Microsoft Word pages long, it's possible this project could run into thousands of Word pages. Therefore, digital "book" still seems like the best bet. Working on secure delivery, but this will take some doing. Your suggestions welcome here.

Sample Page. AVAILABLE NOW! Email me and I will send you several pages as an attachment reply. I know this is risky in today's world but I promise you no danger.

Updates. I'll be updating a bit more regularly now that summer is over and I'm in the groove. As to completion, I plan to be done by late Spring-early Summer 2012, just in time for doomsday ;-) (Tom Wise)


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