Thursday, June 30, 2011

Progress on the Book

UPDATE: Jun 30 2011



Thank You! It's been a terrific response to the book and the idea behind it.



Structure. After considering several idea, the form of the book is settled.

Outline. This came easy after the structure was chosen.

Content. Parameters are laid.

Page Construction. Still in flux. I thought I had the perfect layout, but it turned out to be unwieldy. A new layout is now being used, and seems to be very very good.

Style. I'm keeping it simple for a number of reasons: (1) space consideration, (2) advice from friends that in raw form it's a little too technical.

Detailing. Going extremely well. With simplified flow, entries are smooth. I think this will translate to a convenient and super-efficient reference guide.

Sources and Guidelines. This, of course, is the central part of the book. It's a massive undertaking but collation is going steady with the right organizational system.

Publishing. So far, digital seems like the best bet. Working on secure delivery, but this will take some doing. Your suggestions welcome here.

Sample Page. Coming soon! You'll be able to see what you're getting. I think you'll be excited.

Updates. Not scheduled but sure to be several over the summer. Stay tuned. (Tom Wise)


  1. Look forward to it! Of course, I love how technical you get, but I get that it would be a bit unwieldy for most. I would say my favorite things that you deal with is stereo imaging and mono imbalance. Definitely an untapped field in Beatle circles.

  2. Thanks, Michael. It's nice to know that someone else shares my passion for the Stereo image. And don't worry, this will still be plenty technical, only easier to access and quick-scan for reference - the format I used on the blog is much too bulky for where I'm aiming.


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