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1963, February 20: Recording: George Martin SI

(above) Beatles on February 19 practicing at the Cavern Club; notice drum logo


2T = twin-track = two-track Stereo recording

SI = superimposition = take to lay new material over existing take (a.k.a. overdub)



Enter George Martin. In order to reproduce that Cavern Club feeling which George Martin felt keen to represent, the Please Please Me album sessions were recorded basically "live" with minimal intrusion. Nevertheless, after about a week, Martin felt that some of the tracks needed a bit of reinforcement. On this date, he added piano to “Misery" (but, contrary to some sources, not over the opening guitar arpeggio), and celesta (that is, "celeste") to “Baby It’s You” (doubling George’s guitar solo).

The Beatles at this time were back on the road with Helen Shapiro.

EMI Reels. I will be segregating the events of this day in terms of EMI Reels (of which there is one), that is, tape designation numbers given to the recordings. For John Barrett’s EMI reel notes and John Winn’s details on these notes, go: here.

There are no available audio sources for this reel.


EMI Reel E48909

Tape may or may not exist. No recording sheet is available.


2T (Barrett), Takes 12-16 SI (piano) onto Take 11, take 16 “best”


2T (Barrett), Takes 4/5 SI (celesta or "celeste") onto Take 3, Take 6 SI (piano) onto Take 3, Take 5 “best”

After the celesta takes, Martin tried piano, which was not to his liking. Thus, piano SI went unused.


GENERAL REF: Lewisohn, Recording Sessions


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