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1962, February 10

Sometime in February of 1962, The Beatles received their Decca rejection slip. In the meantime, with the aid of Brian Epstein and their burgeoning popularity, The Beatles continued playing the club scene.

An audience member filmed one of these gigs, on color stock without sound.
The hand-cranked film was rediscovered years later (1973 or 1974), and auctioned at Sotheby's in September 1996.

It has been supposed by good deduction that this film dates from February 10, at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church Youth Club, Tranmere, Birkenhead. See that deduction:
here (also at this webpage, you can view the footage in various forms), and here. Since this is not 100%, there are other proposals, such as February 20 at Floral Hall, Southport, or even February 14, 1961 at the Cas(s)anova Club, Liverpool. See that latter guess here: here.

Winn, Way Beyond Compare)


AUDIO: None.

VIDEO: Approximately 30 seconds of footage was shown in three 10-second segments on the 2004 PBS documentary Best of the Beatles, subsequently released on DVD. It was also shown in 1996 on various TV "tabloid" shows such as Extra. Some say the song being performed is "Kansas City." Others say the footage comprises two songs.

TOURISM: St. Paul's Church hall is (or was) located on North Road, Tranmere, Birkenhead.

Floral Hall still stands. See a photo: here.

Cas(s)anova Club, Liverpool. Try to find a photo: here.


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