Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Beatles Rock Band Video Game

General. The Beatles Rock Band video game was released September 9, 2009 ("number 9... number 9... number 9").

From an audio standpoint, there are three levels of understanding which shall be discussed here.

The Actual Game Mix. That is, what one hears when playing the video game. Several enterprising individuals have extracted all of the video game mixes, with varying degrees of efficacy, and distributed the results via the Internet.

The actual video game mixes are Variations, since they are authorized remixes.

The Digital Multi-Tracks. To create the video game mixes, the original Beatles master tapes were digitally separated into new multi-tracks. The Beatles Rock Band disc contains these digital multi-tracks as separate files with a particular file extension (.MOGG). This is quite extraordinary, for when these files are extracted each track of the multi-track (guitar, vocal, etc) is available for manipulation! Enterprising individuals have also extracted and distributed all of the .MOGG files. One extractor wrote: “These are all the MOGG multi-track files that are available from every song from The Beatles – Rock Band game. These files require software (such as Audacity or Reaper) that would enable the listener to be able to manipulate all the tracks for each song. Once a song is loaded into the program, the listener can then mix the individual channels till their heart’s content. This is likely the closest we’ll get to being able to actually mix a Beatle record. Unfortunately, these files are not playable as regular music tracks. They will require the software in order to enjoy what’s on them. But once that software is up and running, you’ll have quite the listening experience! Approximately one-third of the group’s entire released catalog is here and awaiting your mixdown.”

The .MOGG files cannot be considered Variations because they multi-tracks, not mixes. However, because it is possible to play with the multi-tracks, fake “Variations” may be created by the zealous fan.

Fake Variations. Some enterprising individuals have not only created fake "Variations" from the .MOGG files but also distributed them. It might be argued that any fan-created foundational mix or remix from the .MOGG files ought to be considered a valid Variation. I do not agree. While certain isolated tracks from the .MOGG files may qualify for foundational Variation status (and I will make such recommendations as I see fit), all fan-created remixes must be rejected from Variation status since they are altogether unauthorized. While it is possible to discover these fan-created remixes posing as "alternate mixes," they are, after all, outfakes (fan-created). Caveat emptor.


Tom Wise

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